Today, our CEO Matt Talbot made an appearance at the Franchise Operations Performance Summit in Atlanta.

This conference, powered by Ingage Consulting, is an opportunity for franchise CEOs, COOs, and Operations VPs to explore and discuss operational issues with their peers.  Its an incredible forum, truly one of a kind.

Matt sent some takeaways back to GoSpotCheck HQ in Denver, so we thought we’d share:

1)  With all of the focus in the mobile space on consumers, it is a breathe of fresh air to hear from a group focused and passionate about leveraging IT for operations.  These franchisors are looking for solutions to long standing operational challenges.  New IT initiatives could help resolve some of those issues.

2) Leveraging field consultants and improving field reporting were common themes throughout the conference.  There has been an industry lag in useful technology to support field teams, but that is beginning to change.

3) There is no shortage of cool new tools to help franchise operations.  Obviously, GoSpotCheck fits this mold, but there are plenty of startups targeting this space.  For instance, Ben Carcio of PromoBoxx gave a great talk about executing effective, local franchisee marketing campaigns.

All-in-all, a great event!  Huge thanks to Evan Hackel for this opportunity!

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