The holiday season is the most important time of the year for retailers and brands.

However, the last two months of the year are extremely eventful for other industries and professions as well. Black Friday is actually the busiest day of the year for plumbers, who are left to clean up after guests who “overwhelm the system.”

Similarly, facility management companies have extra work, due to an influx of crowds and customers. Offices host holiday parties, retail stores carry out huge promotions and schools battle cold season. Facility management companies must handle an excess of cleaning, maintenance and restore order.

Tracking project management during the holiday season is absolutely vital – a time when details are of upmost importance. Preparation and documented strategy will help keep up with aggressive competition.

The last two months of the year often require additional attention from facility management companies. Weather-related services like snow removal are imperative and must be easily coordinated. All aspects of retail stores, including floors, bathrooms, and counters, must be cleaned. Machines can be overused and may require more frequent check-ups. Many facility management companies provide and handle the installation of holiday decorations. Data collection tools help orchestrate every process by providing structure and accountability.

Flu season is also upon us! To lessen the spread of colds and other wintertime illnesses, facility management companies often increase the number of sanitation products and cleaning solutions. Levels of hand sanitizer and soap need to be monitored and re-filled – an easier process with real-time data and maintenance documentation.

Mobile data collection tools help companies by providing information internally for departments, but also structured data for customers. Time-stamped records, pictures and documentation prove value and worth so that facility management companies can be effective and productive all year long.

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