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...consumer goods brands arm field teams with effective mobile data collection tools to ensure top-performance retail execution. But it’s not enough to simply collect the data; companies need to know how to analyze, share and draw insights from the data in order for it to be effective. Here are the key tips for ensuring robust and accurate retail execution with mobile data collection.

Ensure that your tool offers data aggregation across accounts and territories. Granular views of in-store product performance for a specific account is essential, however, it is also important that a mobile data collection tool aggregates data across multiple stores, providing high-level takeaways. This should be an automatic retail backend software feature that rolls up granular data into clear graphs, tables and graphics on a dashboard for users. This saves decision makers time and allows them to focus on the data collection tool’s output, so they can respond rapidly to problems and quickly turn analysis into new retail execution strategies.

Use rich media features. There are no questions about accuracy when you have a picture to prove it, right? Encourage your field team to leverage rich media functionality in a mobile data collection tool. Images of product displays and stock-outs will help demand retailer compliance. And images of the competition’s in-store promotions offer rich intelligence to help better position products in the market.

Share the benefits with retail partners. A field team that is leveraging a powerful mobile data collection tool correctly should show retailers how it can help their businesses too. The tool should not only be used as a lever to put compliance pressure on retailers and demand increased order volume; but also to help retailers win more consumer wallet share and better position SKUs on the shelf. This is where correct messaging comes in to play—field teams must know how to communicate data findings to retailers thoughtfully.

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