Today’s leaders across the beverage industry are utilizing mobile data collection strategies to optimize their business operations.

More specifically in recent years, vintners and wineries have been using mobile data collection to streamline wine manufacturing. A 2011 article in Wines and Vines Magazinetitled Smartphones Invade Vineyards, explored the myriad ways that vineyard managers have been embracing web-based applications on their mobile devices to more efficiently conduct their enterprises. From collecting irrigation and labor data to keeping a close watch on geographic and weather details, the Wines and Vines report found vineyard managers enjoying the many streamlined benefits of mobile data collection applications.

Beyond the production side at the vineyard, however, wine manufacturers are also incorporating mobile data collection applications into their retail strategies. The 2013 Wine Industry Technology Symposium placed the retail shelves very much at center stage and highlighted, among other industry trends, the merits of the cloud in effective data management. The symposium also underscored the rise and advantages of mobile data collection in wine retail operations, sales, marketing and beyond.

With the right data collection tool, wine manufacturers can have the confidence that efficient collection of correct data will occur when reps visit liquor store outlets and resellers to monitor stock, displays and promotions.

Historically, wine manufacturers lagged a bit with regard to adoption of new data collection techniques compared to the rest of the beverage industry, but the last few years have marked a significant turning point. Wine manufacturers are eager to take advantage of strong, new data collection platforms and know that if they do not, they only stand to lose. In fact, strong data collection tools no longer position wine manufacturers with an advantage in the industry; ensuring the right tools are in place allows wine manufacturers to reach parity in the industry now. To maximize ROI in the form of cost saving opportunities and revenue, wine manufacturers should make sure they are working with the right software provider who can offer superior customer service and ample training sessions to drive the most value from mobile data collection.

Overall, the beverage industry is thriving, and stands to continue its ascent.

A report from the recent winter 2013 BevNET Live conference noted that  “$7 billion in opportunities await in the next five years” for the industry.

As in the wine and spirits sector, juice, soda and milk companies stand to benefit tremendously from equipping their field teams with mobile data collection tools. GoSpotCheck is thrilled to partner with beverage industry leaders as they seek to turn data into action, structuring and analyzing retail data to make better business decisions every day.

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