As a wrap up to our four-part series on mobile data collection, we want to reiterate that strong applications should, simply put, be efficient and easy to use.

The right mobile data platform should not have a steep learning curve. However, the company behind the solution should always have a robust approach to training and support for new and existing customers—for field reps, C-level executives and everyone in between.

Live web demonstrations and webinars are terrific ways to connect with and support customers by illuminating the features of a given mobile application in real time. When it comes to these live, online educational presentations, engagement is key. That means navigating through relevant content and allowing for open discussion and dialogue among customers, instead of providing static screenshots of dashboards and capabilities via one-way presentations.

Beyond web-enabled training sessions, customers who are up-to-speed on utilization are always looking for ways to drive more value and ROI from mobile data collection. Therefore, an application provider who truly has the customer’s interests at heart should deliver best practices and customer case studies demonstrating how others can uncover more value from mobile data collection endeavors. There are plenty of ways providers can do this. For example, quarterly mailings, live web conferences and Q&A sessions with spotlighted case studies are great opportunities for customers to borrow and adopt strategies that others are using to drive superior value.

Lastly, the right mobile data collection tool should always offer ad hoc support as necessary. Customers should feel at ease knowing that a customer service representative is always available at any time, whether the issues at hand are related to utilization, connectivity problems, password lockouts or any other unforeseen issues associated with the tool. Offering phone and email support to customers is a must, and fast response time is paramount. A customer-centric provider should also monitor social media channels consistently so customers have other easy access points for questions as well.

In conclusion, not every customer is created equal—Every brand’s business is unique with different ways to capture data and different corporate operating strategies and goals. With this in mind, the right mobile data collection provider should—over time—tailor support and training to a unique customer’s needs. The right mobile data platform and the provider of that solution should always take a personalized approach to supporting customers.

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