Agility is the “watchword of brands,” according to Carl Rosen.

Carl is Principal at Shelter Rock International, LLC. Formed in 2010, Shelter Rock International, LLC offers consulting and marketing services to the luxury goods industry – especially the watch and jewelry market.

This week, Rosen explained to Retail TouchPoints the importance of agility and data collection software.

For most companies, being agile means adapting to current trends and integrating new technologies. Mobile technology solutions are a small component of the larger tech world – one aspect which Rosen said makes “corporate agility possible.”

Changes in the market, Rosen argued, and unexpected problems – are two of the instances in which a software solution can help brands stay agile.

Rosen also talked about the rise of mobile in general and how physical retail demands the use of mobile data collection. Outdoor industry leader, Gerber Gear, uses GoSpotCheck to track metrics and enable interdepartmental communication.

Read more about how mobile data collection is the key to agility.

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