At GoSpotCheck, we have an in-house developing team that works hard to make our software simple and user-friendly.

Although the GoSpotCheck app works on both iOS and Android devices, here are a few general tips for our iOS users. These hacks are regarding Apple iOS software in general, not the GoSpotCheck app specifically:

  1. To fully close applications, double click the home button. All of your open applications will now appear. To close any of your applications, push each one towards the top of your screen. Closing applications will save battery life.
  1. Want more privacy? Does it bother you that Google search tracks your history? Go to Settings > Safari > Search Engine > DuckDuckGo. This new option from Apple will increase security and privacy.
  1. There is a way to filter out spam texts from people not listed in your contacts. Go to Settings > Messages > Filter Unknown Senders. This will put messages from numbers who are not in your contacts into a different list from those people listed in your contacts. You also will not receive an alert from the list of “Unknown Senders.”
  1. Do you want Siri to put your phone call on speaker? Add “on speaker” to your call request. For ex. “Call Chris on speaker” and your call will be placed on speakerphone.
  1. Use the In Case of Emergency feature to enter your medical information in case you are unable to provide it yourself. To set it up, click on your Health app. Tap Media ID, which is at the lower right corner and “Create Medical ID” to enter birthday, medical condition, allergies, height, weight… etc.
  1. If you have too many unread messages in the Message app, go into your Messages and tap “Edit” at the upper left hand corner. Then, go to the lower left corner and click “Read All.”
  1. You need to know about the “Recently Deleted” album for two reasons: If you accidentally delete a photo, go into “Recently Deleted” to recover it. If you want to delete a photo, make sure to also delete it from your “Recently Deleted” or it will remain there for 30 days before actually disappearing.
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