GoSpotCheck Golf Simulator at WSWA is a Hit!

Apr 20, 2016 in Alcohol Beverage, Retail, Startups

The GoSpotCheck team is having a great time at WSWA! Yesterday, GoSpotCheck CEO Matt Talbot spoke with Rachel Hirshorn, host at WSWA, to discuss our unconventional hospitality suite complete with a golf simulator. Fast forward to 1:55 to see Matt in action!

Come by the GoSpotCheck lower level hospitality suite in Forum Suite 8 to see us and take a few swings! Also, later tonight at 5:30 p.m., GoSpotCheck will have a drawing for two iPad Pros.

To schedule a time to meet with GoSpotCheck at the show for an in-person demo, click here. If you would like to contact us directly, feel free to email Dan Kasper at dan@gospotcheck.com