Mobile Apps to Support Field and Sales Teams

Aug 19, 2015 in Mobile, Retail, Startups

The retail industry is full of fast-moving, adaptive businesses. Many people who work within the retail world travel frequently to meet clients, scope out launch markets and investigate new areas for potential growth. As such, GoSpotCheck has a list of mobile applications that we recommend for field and sales reps, or any frequent business travelers.

  • For navigation, use Waze. Waze is extremely user-friendly and collects data from other app-users to avoid traffic and get you to your destination as quickly as possible.
  • Field and sales reps are known for rigorous travel schedules. While on the road, use Zomato (previously UrbanSpoon) to find restaurants – the app will give you hours of operation, photos and reviews. If you’re interested in buying local, try LocalEats.
  • Your parking meter won’t expire if you use Honk, which will also show you the way back to your car.
  • Tripit works like your own personal travel manager – collecting information about flights, hotel stays and reservations and syncing it to your calendar.
  • Yelp is great for reading reviews, user comments and ratings regarding a variety of businesses. You can also connect with friends.
  • The app Pocket Mileage HD tracks travel data and can export the information into different file types. You can filter criteria by driver, vehicle or reason for travel.
  • If your job requires lots of driving, use GasBuddy to find cheap gas nearby.
  • Evernote is useful in the office and in the field. The app works like a digital notebook that syncs between your computer and phone. You can also upload files and search for them at a later time.
  • A recording app is helpful to document conversations, or interviews, that you need for later use. We recommend using Recorder – it’s ease-of-use and simple interface makes the app great for travel.
  • Regardless of what job title you have, LinkedIn is an incredibly resourceful application. Mobile access allows you to instantly network and solidify connections.
  • We also really like GoSpotCheck, but we’re a little biased.