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Mobile Apps to Support Field and Sales Teams

Aug 19, 2015 in Mobile, Retail, Startups

The retail industry is full of fast-moving, adaptive businesses. Many people who work within the retail world travel frequently to meet clients, scope out launch markets and investigate new areas for potential growth. As such, GoSpotCheck has a list of mobile applications that we recommend for field and sales reps, or any frequent business travelers.

  • For navigation, use Waze. Waze is extremely user-friendly and collects data from other app-users to avoid traffic and get you to your destination as quickly as possible.
  • Field and sales reps are known for rigorous travel schedules. While on the road, use Zomato (previously UrbanSpoon) to find restaurants – the app will give you hours of operation, photos and reviews. If you’re interested in buying local, try LocalEats.
  • Your parking meter won’t expire if you use Honk, which will also show you the way back to your car.
  • Tripit works like your own personal travel manager – collecting information about flights, hotel stays and reservations and syncing it to your calendar.
  • Yelp is great for reading reviews, user comments and ratings regarding a variety of businesses. You can also connect with friends.
  • The app Pocket Mileage HD tracks travel data and can export the information into different file types. You can filter criteria by driver, vehicle or reason for travel.
  • If your job requires lots of driving, use GasBuddy to find cheap gas nearby.
  • Evernote is useful in the office and in the field. The app works like a digital notebook that syncs between your computer and phone. You can also upload files and search for them at a later time.
  • A recording app is helpful to document conversations, or interviews, that you need for later use. We recommend using Recorder – it’s ease-of-use and simple interface makes the app great for travel.
  • Regardless of what job title you have, LinkedIn is an incredibly resourceful application. Mobile access allows you to instantly network and solidify connections.
  • We also really like GoSpotCheck, but we’re a little biased.

Written by Kasey Fuscoe

Kasey Fuscoe is the Digital Marketing Specialist at GoSpotCheck. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2014, and moved to Denver in October. While at GoSpotCheck, Kasey has been instrumental in lead conversion and content creation and distribution. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling to her house on Mars, cooking for Steven Tyler, wrestling bulls and dreaming of impossible scenarios.