Whether you love it or hate it, Microsoft Office Excel is a valuable application for creating data spreadsheets.

However, when it comes to retail merchandising, compliance and store-level analytics—Excel’s usefulness is limited unless you’re pairing it with a comprehensive data collection and analysis tool.

Relying solely on spreadsheets in the field could result in compliance issues, inconsistent merchandising strategies and ultimately lost sales. Why? At the field level, Excel doesn’t offer features like timestamps, GPS location details and photography. Beyond that, Excel is such a flexible tool, it’s hard to maintain consistent spreadsheets amongst field teams. Hence, it takes valuable time to streamline all of this field data into the same format—time that should be spent analyzing the data and making meaningful insights.

So, what’s the solution? Simplify the process for everyone—both field reps and those disseminating the field data. Use a comprehensive tool that streamlines and standardizes the data collection process while also displaying real-time reporting and easily-digestible data that results in informed and timely decisions. Ideally, this tool would work seamlessly on a mobile device or a computer, it would incorporate GPS, timestamps and photos, and it would feature a great interface that makes it simple to use.

Guess what? GoSpotCheck offers a comprehensive tool that does all of this and more. Want to learn more about the pitfalls of data collection via Excel spreadsheets, check out our latest white paper. Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at this Retail Info Systems News story that delves into this data collection and analysis conundrum. Already convinced? See how you can use GoSpotCheck’s powerful data collection tools for your company…

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