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See how GoSpotCheck can help your company gain a centralized, standardized view of your company's assets and vendor services, in real-time.

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How You Can Use GoSpotCheck

Our easy-to-use solution helps your company gain a centralized, standardized view of all assets and vendor services, in real-time. These time stamped, date stamped and geo-verified reports help your department confirm consistent service levels and identify non-compliant vendors to reduce excess spend.

Vendor Management

Ensure the proper and efficient maintenance of your facilities and compliance within your vendor contract.

Asset Inventory & Condition Reporting

Avoid duplicate expenses because of a lack of visibility to condition of your assets.

Multi-Location Project Management

Quickly understand multi-location project statuses to monitor timelines, budgets, and quality standards.

3.1 Inspection Scores by Vendor view_list
  • A Vendor A 23.53%
  • B Vendor B 22.65%
  • C Vendor C 26.47%
  • D Vendor D 27.35%
3.2 What are most prevalent issues across vendors? view_list
  • A Out of paper goods 41.30%
  • B Streaks or stains 35.87%
  • C Odor 15.22%
  • D Trash more than 80% full 7.61%
3.3 Take a photo of desk chairs photo_camera
3.4 Take a photo of the entryway flooring photo_camera
3.5 Was progress made on new lighting? photo_camera
3.6 What is the follow up action taken? format_quote
  • GC to order 10 more fixtures Annie Atlas

Features That Can Benefit Your Company

GoSpotCheck can help your facility managers quickly complete inspections, share site specific information with your team, and view performance levels across your entire portfolio through easy to digest charts and graphs.

Mobile Data Collection

Turn time-consuming surveys and audits into instant, actionable information

Photo Capture & Analytics

Visualize field activity through neatly organized pictures and graphs in a centralized dashboard.

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Develop a 30,000-foot view of your business with streamlined charts & graphs.

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Customer Success Stories

Using GoSpotCheck, this top 5 Fast-Casual Restaurant effectively gathered actionable insights for better business decisions.

Field users were able to reduce the time that it took for them to collect data at restaurant locations by 75%, while management was able to reduce the time to aggregate and understand this retailer data by 97%.

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