Rite Aid + GoSpotCheck

See how Rite Aid can leverage GoSpotCheck to collect real-time photos and data to quickly identify shrinkage, improve display execution for suppliers, and increase efficiency for in-store employees.

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How Rite Aid Can Use GoSpotCheck

GoSpotCheck can optimize how Rite Aid tracks in-store execution and shrinkage with our mobile app. All mobile data is sent instantly to a reporting dashboard within GoSpotCheck, so corporate has real-time insights.


Your in-store team can reduce lost sales by quickly pinpointing high-shrinkage departments. Use immediate insights to identify operational and theft issues that need to be addressed.

Retail Compliance

Monitor retail KPI metrics in real-time ranging from merchandising execution to store cleanliness.

Closed-Loop Feedback

Your team can verify percentage of in-store placement for brands in order prove benefits of increased shelf-share. You can use detailed reporting to enable productive discussions between brands and Rite Aid.

3.1 Did you verify every department has scanned distress?
3.1 What departments were missed? view_list
  • A Health 34.91%
  • B Beauty 27.67%
  • C Dry Grocery 17.61%
  • D Frozen 19.81%
3.3 Rate the overall cleanliness of the store entrance. view_list
3.4 How much of the original order was sold in the past 30 days? view_list
  • A Less than 25% 18.18%
  • B Between 25 and 50% 21.21%
  • C Between 50 and 75% 59.60%
  • D More than 75% 1.01%
3.5 Take a picture of the display. photo_camera

Features That Can Benefit Rite Aid

See how Rite Aid can increase visibility into retail compliance by location, improve in-store execution, and identify shrinkage.

Mobile Data Collection

Turn time-consuming surveys and audits into instant, actionable information.

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Photo Capture and Analytics

Get a glimpse into the market. Capture photos to provide powerful context.

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Alerts & Follow Ups

Take meaningful action immediately. Improve your field execution with automated updates & follow up actions.

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GoSpotCheck has enabled PepsiCo with quick information and quick response time... to go out and close those executional gaps. Jim Holland, Director of Sales Capability Read Case Study »

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