Paradies Lagardère + GoSpotCheck

See how Paradies Lagardère can leverage GoSpotCheck to track store operations, enhance retail execution, and reduce unnecessary travel costs for regional managers.

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How Paradies Lagardère Can Use GoSpotCheck

GoSpotCheck can equip Paradies Lagardère with the ability to track display execution and compliance, reduce out-of-stocks, and conduct store audits.

Display Execution and Compliance

With GoSpotCheck, you will be able to track the status of display set-up, location, and condition - giving you the ability to share this information with your suppliers and vendors in real-time.

Reducing Out-of-Stocks

Easily monitoring your inventory on the shelf and in the backroom empowers you to quickly decrease out-of-stocks and grow incremental sales volume.

Store Audits

Get real-time visibility into how your stores look, and take action on items that don't meet your standards.

3.1 Is the CNBC display set up per planogram?
3.2 Where is the display located? view_list
  • A Back Wall 34.91%
  • B Endcap 27.67%
  • C Front of Store 17.61%
  • D Checkout/Register 19.81%
3.3 How many items are out of stock? equalizer
  • Sum 5660
  • Average 17.7
  • Low 2
  • High 26
3.4 Which items are out of stock? view_list
  • A Pepsi 27.67%
  • B Diet Pepsi 17.61%
  • C 7Up 19.81%
  • D Aquafina 34.91%
3.5 Take a picture of the CNBC Smartshop display. photo_camera

Features That Can Benefit Paradies Lagardère

See how Paradies Lagardère can increase visibility into store operations and compliance, improve retail execution, and cut unnecessary travel costs with GoSpotCheck.

Mobile Data Collection

Turn time-consuming surveys and audits into instant, actionable information.

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Photo Capture and Analytics

Get a glimpse into the market. Capture photos to provide powerful context.

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Field Team Management

Report at a team level, or review a specific individual’s performance to examine productivity and efficiency.

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The overall procedure in-store is much more streamlined. GoSpotCheck has given Crocs an easier way to understand and optimize execution. Samantha Rice, Director of Retail Operations Read Case Study »

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