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See how JBS can leverage GoSpotCheck to collect real-time data regarding Quality Assurance in processing facilities. No more sharing field data through email, Excel, or Google Sheets.

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How JBS Can Use GoSpotCheck

See how JBS can leverage GoSpotCheck to collect real-time data regarding Quality Assurance in processing facilities. Quality managers instantly benefit from real-time data and save time eliminating pen & paper or Excel documentation.

Quality Assurance

Monitor overall quality in every JBS processing facility to ensure all equipment is clean and employees are compliant on current processes.

Better Data, Better Decisions

With GoSpotCheck you are empowered to back every decision with data. Quickly take real-time action to ensure that you continue to produce a safe, edible product.

Employee Training

Using GoSpotCheck, you can easily identify training deficiencies to find areas that need improvement, confidently understand employee performance, and facilitate important discussions to modify company training.

3.1 Select all areas with out-of-code machinery. view_list
  • A Vegetable belt 20.59%
  • B Handwashing station 38.24%
  • C Temperature Gauge 35.29%
  • D Cold Storage 5.88%
3.2 Take a photo of the beef production belt. photo_camera
3.3 Was the overall yield for Line 3 above or below standards? photo_camera
3.4 Was the employee handwashing training session completed by all new hires? photo_camera

Features That Can Benefit JBS

GoSpotCheck’s powerful features help you effectively monitor Quality Assurance in processing facilities and drive accountability.

Mobile Data Collection

Turn time-consuming audits into instant, actionable information.

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Photo Capture and Analytics

Gain visibility into every processing facility. Capture photos to provide powerful context.

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Alerts & Follow Ups

Take meaningful action immediately. Improve your response time for key safety and compliance warning signs.

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Customer Success Stories

Using GoSpotCheck, this top 5 Fast-Casual restaurant effectively audited a new menu item, examined quality assurance, and gathered actionable insights for better business decisions.

Field reps were able to reduce the time that it took for them to collect data at restaurant locations by 75%, while management was able to reduce the time to aggregate and understand this field data by 97%.

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