Improve In-Store Operations

GoSpotCheck is used by industry-leading restaurants to verify brand consistency, health and safety compliance, and a universal customer experience.

Track Quality Assurance and Set the Standard for Compliance

Eliminate the tediousness of manual checklists with quick and easy mobile data entry. Aggregated reporting drives consistent execution across locations and proves service-level optimization.

Trusted by the Industry’s Leading Brands


Plan and Distribute Tasks

Design surveys and audits in GoSpotCheck’s intuitive form builder. Distribute tasks to the right people for visibility into restaurant performance, loss prevention, and other critical programs.

Get Instant Alerts

Create alerts to follow a task response that matches filter criteria, including health and safety violations. Initiate corrective action with custom alerts to immediately resolve issues at a particular location.

Slice and Dice Execution Results

Monitor key initiatives, identify trends, and track productivity with customizable data sets. Filter reporting to understand performance by region, specific restaurant, or franchisee.

Sync With Your CRM and Other Systems

Integrate GoSpotCheck with existing systems, including third-party data sources, CRMs, and more. Use deep linking, a flexible API, and SSO to completely control the flow of critical data.

Use Cases

Share comprehensive reporting from all locations including information surrounding:

Brand Standards

Ensure stores’ components, including the dining room and kitchen, are up to corporate standards. Customizable reports instantly bring information from restaurants to the home office.

Marketing Execution

Easily track marketing activities and promotions across all locations. Alert the right person to take action when issues are identified.

Product Quality Assurance

Capture photos and data to verify product consistency and monitor variations. Analyze collected data to confirm that all locations operate cohesively.

6.1 Is the signage up to franchise standards? thumbs_up_down
6.2 Take a photo of the signage photo_camera
6.3 Are the crumb traps properly cleaned? thumbs_up_down
6.4 Additional comments format_quote
  • It looks like the trap hasn't been cleaned in a few days. Lots of crumbs, most burnt. Brown stains on crumb tray. Felicity Jones
  • Traps look good. Spick and span. Cleaned daily. Anthony Guiterrez
  • Traps cleaned, but not thoroughly. Looks like just crumbs were dumped but tray not scrubbed. Alejandro Sans
  • Traps loaded with crumbs. Stan Davis
6.5 Take a photo of the sandwich photo_camera

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