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How You Can Use GoSpotCheck

Our easy-to-use mobile application helps streamline activities like facility audits, just in time inventory, and new account transitions to give time back to your reps and real-time data to leadership. We help Facility Supply organizations grow their sales and prevent costly churn.

Facility Assessments

Quickly collect photos, track current product information, and provide powerful context by capturing time, date, and location verified photos.

JIT Inventory

Increase user engagement with quick, mobile just-in-time inventory checks.

Emergency Response

Quickly assess and help customers report on building assets after flooding, power outages, and other disasters.

3.1 Take a photo of newly installed dispensers. photo_camera
3.2 Is more product needed today? photo_camera
3.3 Which items need re-ordering? view_list
  • A Liners 18.18%
  • B Roll Towels 9.09%
  • C Tissue 29.87%
  • D Soap 42.86%
3.4 Are there damages to Capital Equipment? view_list
3.5 What was damaged? view_list
  • A Building Envelope 28.76%
  • B HVAC 13.73%
  • C Flooring 42.48%
  • D Fire Safety Systems 15.03%

Features That Can Benefit Your Company

GoSpotCheck can help your reps quickly complete site audits, share that information immediately with the appropriate suppliers, all while giving leadership insightful data to drive growth.

Mobile Data Collection

Turn time-consuming surveys and audits into instant, actionable information

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Photo Capture & Analytics

Visualize field activity through neatly organized pictures and graphs in a centralized dashboard.

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Develop a 30,000-foot view of your business with streamlined charts & graphs.

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Since rolling out GoSpotCheck, the consistency of when visits are conducted and how visits are conducted has improved. Sitting at the corporate office, leadership has better visibility into store visits. Samantha Rice, Director of Retail Operations at Crocs Read Testimonial »

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