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Smartphones are a prevalent piece of technology within every industry, not just retail.

As technology continues to advance, companies push out updates to fix certain elements of existing software. A common myth is that waiting to update your software is smart because it will provide time to find and eliminate bugs within the update.

However, experts say the benefits of immediately updating software are far-reaching.

We sat down to talk with our Support Team Lead, Kari Madden, who was quick to explain the importance of downloading the newest update on your smartphone.

“Updating your software is the best thing you can do for your device – so that your apps work optimally, the risk of bugs decreases, and your data is secure.”

NPR recently published an article explaining why strong passwords are not enough to keep data safe. In fact, one of the most recommended – yet underused – practices is downloading a software update as soon as it becomes available.

Although we tend to focus on managing your smartphone, computer updates are just as important. Downloading the update, often pushed to your device by the parent company, reduces the possibility of viruses and bugs.

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