Paperless has become quite the trend lately.

With advances in technology, businesses are beginning to understand that they can eliminate tremendous amounts of waste and improve their day to day process by going paperless. GoSpotCheck is a proud member of Paperless 2013 and we believe that businesses can improve their operations significantly by focusing on incorporating technology that eliminates paper.

QSRMagazine featured some leaders in the restaurant space that are driving the adoption of paperless processes in their organizations. Both companies highlighted, Pancheros and Capriotti’s, are making great strides to eliminate paper in their day to day operations.

Most of the focus on going paperless is around reducing waste, which is certainly a great cause. According to Michael Oshman, founder of the Green Restaurant Association, for every ton of paper that isn’t used, roughly 7,000 gallons of water and 12 trees can be saved. However, there are plenty of other benefits to going paperless beyond the great benefit of helping the environment. Here are some of the top reasons why businesses should use mobile apps to go paperless beyond saving trees and water:

  1. More Organization: By using mobile apps to replace paper based processes, businesses can more easily organize all their form data because software can automatically aggregate and store input data. This can create a searchable and analyzable database for businesses, ensuring that they are always able to access critical data collected by their team members.
  2. Ease of Use: While paper is certainly easy to use, it can be cumbersome, especially when trying to do anything in the field. Using a good mobile app can enable team members to complete forms anytime, anyplace with ease. In general, people are becoming incredibly dependent on their smartphones which means they are used to using the phone for a variety of things. Pulling up an app and quickly entering some data is certainly easy for these users that want to be using their phone all day.
  3. Connectivity: Since smartphones are perpetually connected to a network, they are primed for both data upload and data download. Businesses can now instantly publish forms to employee’s smartphones and employees can upload data collected in real time. Businesses decision cycles are only getting shorter and shorter, so by leveraging always on connectivity, managers can ensure that they get the data they need within the appropriate time frame.

There are certainly more reasons to use mobile apps to go paperless but this is a good start for any business. If you are interested in learning more about how GoSpotCheck can help your team go paperless, schedule a demo with us now!

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