The last two months of the year are important for so many industries: retail, travel, food and beverage, and and luxury goods.

Airlines and hotels must be prepared for rushed, demanding customers who have family to see and meals to attend. Between November 21st and December 2nd, almost 25 million passengers will fly on United States airlines domestically and internationally. Surprisingly, no more flights are delayed around Thanksgiving than during any other time of the year. USA Today debunked more myths about Thanksgiving travel, including the idea that there are no last-minute airline deals available.

Although many people shop on Thanksgiving, the real crowds come flooding in on the day after: Black Friday. Interestingly enough, some retailers have stepped away from the typical Black Friday madness. REI announced that all stores would close on Black Friday and employees would receive paid vacation in order to spend time outside. Similarly, Costco, Nordstrom, Staples and GameStop and many other large chains closed their doors on Thanksgiving to give employees more time with family.

However, for the remaining brands and retailers, Black Friday will be filled with crowds, sales and shopping. Data collection tools are vital for retailers and brands to ensure that product placement, merchandising and promotions are optimized.

To read some crazy facts about Black Friday, check out this infographic.

Happy Thanksgiving from GoSpotCheck! We hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

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