Brick-and-mortar retail outlets are going digital...

...and it’s changing the world of in-store shopping to the benefit of both retailers and their customers. Through the use of branded mobile apps, mobile point-of-sale tablets and digital innovation, retailers are understanding customers better, who in turn enjoy a more personalized shopping experience. After all, 90% of sales still take place offline in physical stores, so it’s no wonder brands are working on digital in-store transformation to further optimize merchandising strategies.

Most recently, Barneys NY is receiving great praise for implementing new in-store digital marketing strategies. The retail fashion leader has rolled out a new iPad-based mobile point-of-sales system, allowing associates to accompany customers through every step of a given transaction. And the rewards of this new system are significant, saving both money and space and boosting sales in the process. Retail Info Systems News reports that Barneys NY has witnessed a 10.9% increase in items per transaction, a 14.3% increase in dollars per transaction, and a 12.5% increase in productivity. What’s more is that the technology enables stronger customer-associate relationships. For example, with the wealth of information available on associates’ mobile devices, including inventory data, associates can give customers exactly what they’re looking in a more timely manner than ever before.

In the case of Mondelez International, the food and beverage conglomerate that owns Chips Ahoy, Nabisco, Ritz, and others, you could say the move toward in-store digital marketing is taking a decidedly more futuristic turn. In 2015, Mondelez plans to introduce the Smart Shelf, a sensor-rigged grocery shelf with the capacity to determine the age and gender of passing customers. Not only will this bring about highly customized and targeted advertisements, but it also means potential access to valuable store-level customer data, which in turn could be sent to retail operations and specific product brands.

Certainly, these new directions in in-store digital capabilities facilitate the collection of a wider range of field and retail data. Integrating all this new data with GoSpotCheck’s system is the optimal way to unleash the power of such real-time retail intelligence. Don’t let all that freshly sourced data just sit there—organize it, measure it, analyze it, and make better business decisions!

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