Outdoor recreation is a small component of a larger economic sector – the Outdoor Industry.

The selling window for brands and retailers with snow sports gear is short – which means that those companies must act quickly. Between the months of August and December, hundreds of brands must optimize displays, merchandising and enhance retail execution.

The selling season begins in the fall and most brands have until the end of the year to sell both hard and soft goods for the Manufacturer’s Suggest Retail Price (MSRP). Prices decrease until spring, when many stores make room for other seasonal items.

Some seasonal elements – such as weather – are notoriously hard to predict. End-of-season sales for snow sports brands are directly affected by an increase in (or lack of) snowfall.

To maximize the short selling window, retailers and brands that handle snow sports goods must perfect retail execution. In-store signage and pricing needs to be clear and consistent. Audits should be conducted to understand performance and eliminate bottlenecks, voids and stock-outs.

Mobile data collection helps companies understand the current marketplace and customer demands. Thousands of data points surrounding merchandising and marketing help companies prepare and adjust strategy for the next season. With the right tool, enterprises handling snow sports goods can magnify the value from sales – no matter how small the time frame.

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