With Thanksgiving just around the corner, turkey is the word on the tip of our tongues.

The statistics don’t lie: Americans consume the grand sum of 51 million turkeys on Thanksgiving, and spend a total of $2.375 billion on the entire meal. Needless to say, turkey is a big industry in the United States, and Thanksgiving is without a doubt the big bird’s day in the spotlight.

When it comes to helping consumers devise the perfect way to prepare turkey this holiday season, companies are now leveraging data collection to offer smart tips and recipes. Take Yummly for example. As Yahoo highlights, the food tech company not only helps users discover recipes but also presents data-driven insights derived from its search and recipe data, predicting shopping, cooking and eating trends. CNBC partnered with Allrecipes to create a cool data visualization interactive mapdepicting Thanksgiving recipe preferences from state to state. Last year’s winner? “Turkey Brine,” with “Juicy Thanksgiving Turkey” as the runner-up.

During the holidays and year-round, keeping turkey consumers safe is a top priority for poultry producers. And as we’ve noted here at GoSpotCheck before, mobile data collection significantly supports quality assurance efforts, and the poultry industry is no exception—the right mobile data collection platform can play a pivotal role in improving quality assurance endeavors. In fact, the momentum is only increasing on this front, especially with the USDA’s New Poultry Inspection System, which recently went into effect. As Food Safety News reported following the rule’s official implementation, the Pew Charitable Trusts and Center for Science in the Public Interest “recommended that U.S. policymakers begin a broader, data-driven effort to update the Department of Agriculture’s inspection system.”

Food Safety News goes on to note that a key conclusion of the Pew report is that “robust data collection, analysis and sharing are fundamental components of international efforts to transform existing inspection practices into a modern, risk- and science-based inspection system.”

As poultry and other food industry leaders look to bolster quality assurance practices, GoSpotCheck can equip them with an application that streamlines their data collection and analysis procedures, protecting 21st century companies and consumers every day.

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