We cannot overemphasize the fact that a smart mobile data collection platform improves intelligent data aggregation...

...and streamlines insight-driven business decision-making—all of which favorably impact company culture in many ways. Leveraging the right workforce strategies during implementation can lead to more job satisfaction and motivation among field representatives. As we’ve seen with our customers, contests are a great way to achieve these desired results while encouraging adoption.

When a leading international food and beverage manufacturer rolled out GoSpotCheck and conducted a two-month long contest for field representatives, account visits and completed report volume markedly increased. Incentives were developed, such as gift cards for winners. The feedback from field team representatives was more than promising—GoSpotCheck’s application was intuitive and user friendly, making contest participation and the incentives more exciting, they said. As they logged more time using GoSpotCheck, they identified the timesaving benefits of the application and favored it over previous data collection methods. Moving forward, company leaders remarked that the enthusiasm surrounding mobile data collection was by no means temporary; establishing the contest had instilled a permanent motivating force among representatives in the field.

As this example demonstrates, a well-designed mobile technology tool can have a profoundly empowering effect among field representatives. It’s no great surprise that this contest increased adoption—incentive-based contests typically have a built-in capability of measuring and enhancing performance towards a greater goal. However, what’s important to note is that the strong utilization continued because reps quickly identified how smart mobile data collection could help them be more efficient in the long run. This means that, through recurring contests, GoSpotCheck can be used to set goals for field teams—and furthermore to expand and create new goals that increase field team member activity and quickly inspire a boost in account visit numbers.

When field representatives are equipped with a mobile data collection platform that motivates and makes them feel more productive, company morale improves. And running contests to spark your workforce is just the beginning; more well-informed business decisions follow when smart mobile data collection is put into action, producing favorable results across the enterprise.

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