It is no secret that the contemporary workforce has gone mobile...

...with devices being embraced for advanced capacities far beyond mere emailing and calendar usage. Innovative business applications are on the rise. A 2013 report from Strategy Analytics notes that “more than 200 million mobile workers will be using mobile business apps in 2013;” the report also predicts that “the revenue associated with these mobile business apps will increase from $25 billion in 2012 to almost $50 billion by the end of 2017.” After all, mobile data collection solutions are increasing efficiency across the board.

Take Goodwill Industries, for example. The job-training and employment-placement service funded by a vast matrix of retail stores recently announced its adoption of mobile workforce management software. They are now able to track employee hours worked, dispatch trucks to retrieve goods and deliver merchandise to Goodwill retail outlets. This type of software not only enhances the clarity of the tasks at hand for employees, but it also saves an abundance of time and money, which in turn boosts customer confidence in Goodwill. An overall increase in field team productivity thanks to mobile data collection tools means a better-funded, more profitable company, plain and simple.

What’s more, the prevalence of mobile devices among personnel means that—as Aaref Hilaly, Partner at Sequoia Capital, proclaims—BYOD (“bring your own device”) is the new workplace norm. This exciting paradigm shift opens up a plethora of mobile data collection innovations that can unlock valuable real-time business intelligence and expand productivity. Hilaly looks ahead to one of many compelling mobile data promises: “Take the HR review process, as an example. I’ve just gone through it at Sequoia, where I had to carve out time to sit at my desk and struggle to recall how people have done over the prior 12 months. How much better would my reviews have been if I had an app that made it easy for me to capture data in the moment, so that my feedback was grounded in a rich dataset collected over the prior year?”

At GoSpotCheck, we are focused on empowering company workforces with user-friendly, cutting-edge mobile data collection software. After all, our customers know that better retail technology solutions mean optimal data analysis and deeper actionable insights. As mobile becomes more and more integrated into business operations, we are thrilled to work as trailblazers in this exciting workplace evolution.

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