The cold case is a merchandising area with plenty of worry for the retailer and brand marketer.

Glass doors create a barrier between the customer and the products, which sometimes necessitates stronger marketing strategies. However, merchandising effectively for the cold case can lead to excellent results, cost savings and more selling points for your brand customers.

Maximize Cold Case Merchandising

Nailing the retail execution for your cold case may take some time, as will determining what performance data you need most from the field. However, there are a few ways you can maximize your cold case merchandising in the meantime.

The most important component of merchandising your cold case is this: make sure it’s easily accessible. If customers feel like they’re cramped or can’t access contents easily, they’ll be less likely to make an effort reaching for food. The products should be organized attractively and in a way that makes sense, so consumers are compelled to open the door and take the final step of a purchase decision.

Prominently displayed price tags help customers make the most of their decision without standing in cold air, and a nicely lit case also helps showcase your food products. Glass doors have a major aesthetic impact, especially if you pair them with colorful food bags or eye-catching signage. You have flexibility with cold cases that you simply don’t have with open refrigerated cases.

Create Enjoyable Shopping Experiences

Many customers flee the produce and meat sections because the open-refrigerated cases create a frigid shopping zone. Customers don’t spend as much time as they typically would because the environment is unwelcoming; the cold air simply doesn’t promote a leisurely shopping experience. Distracted, rushed shoppers are not optimal customers. Ideally, you want have an approachable, comfortable environment, and cold air can be unwelcome intrusion on the shopping experience.

This is a major problem that comes with storing produce in open cases, instead of using a cold case for vegetables, fruits, juices, dressings and dairy products. Another problem is the inefficiency of that cooling environment, resulting in increased energy costs. As a retailer, you can save on business expenses with cold cases, and also partner with the store as a greener brand. If the store markets itself as a green store, it can help boost sales of your products.

Actualize the Value for Your Brand

The cold cases also make excellent use of vertical height, which is limited in open cases. The vertical alignment makes it easier for customers to find the products they want, look over the entire selection with a natural posture, and take their time with purchasing decisions. It’s also easier to arrange signage and price tags on cases that sit vertically, as opposed to the mostly horizontal open refrigerated cases. Your brand benefits from the greater inventory space and selection you offer your customers, increasing the possibility of higher cart value.

Cold cases offer significant value for customers, brands and retail stores alike. Customers love the cases because they don’t have to wander through cold produce and dairy sections, they have product information at a glance, and in most cases, they have more product selection. Your brand will benefit from effectively merchandising cold cases, thereby optimizing retail execution.

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