Gathering data is the first step to move past base sales numbers...

...and determine how well your brand is represented. You need to know if your product’s placement is optimized at each retail store and what improvements are necessary to grow revenue and distribution. Your field team is an important part of this process, but travel costs and other overhead puts a dent in your budget. The right retail data collection tool makes it easier and faster to collect the data you need, cutting your travel costs and increasing field team efficiency.

Improving Customer Relationships
It’s hard to foster customer relationships when most of a field rep’s time is spent examining a clipboard and taking down information. Change up the entire work process by using mobile data collection tools to reduce the amount of time spent on mundane retail execution tasks. This will give field reps more time to focus on creating valuable relationships with your retail partners.

Creating an Efficient Data Collection Process
Collecting retail data becomes more efficient with the right tool, thanks to several features. Integrated GPS will mark collection locations and provide addresses to help map out efficient travel plans. Real-time data sharing capabilities reduce the amount of time your reps spend uploading store-level data. Team members don’t have to leave the field to send an email, update a spreadsheet, or upload pictures—enabling real-time data sharing across the company.

The Benefits of Shared Data in Retail Mobile Data Collection
Company needs may change while a rep is working in the field—which poses a problem due to the static nature of ‘pen and paper’ data collection methods. Using a retail mobile data collection tool with shared data features, such as GoSpotCheck, syncs information across the board. Thus, the field team knows exactly what data to collect, whether requirements change and how to best proceed.

Shared data streamlines the data collection process so that multiple representatives will not spend time on the same data points. The right software syncs information within seconds, providing real-time data updates. These updates are important for on-the-fly assessments, which improve overall data quality for the customer. Cutting down on overlapping data collection also reduces inconsistency and redundancy during data set analysis.

Improved Time Management
Efficient data collection processes create more time for additional visits and expansion opportunities. The overall data volume is higher, and the field team has more agility for priority efforts and tasks. Field team managers can utilize reps for the most effective purposes, instead of devoting all of their time to collecting and transmitting data. It’s easier to hit project deadlines and exceed customer expectations when the right retail mobile data collection software is in place.

Your field team costs lower significantly when you use the right tools for the job. Fully optimize field team management by coupling new collection tools with training initiatives and continued learning. Creating an environment where data is easily shared across departments or the entire company drives innovation and actionable insights throughout the business.

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