The 2015 ISSA Show took place in Las Vegas last week between October 20th and 23rd.

Two members of the GoSpotCheck team, Dan Kasper and Annie Atlas, attended the show. Annie is an industry veteran and has a background in the facility maintenance industry.

Annie spoke on the “Career Coach: Marketing in the Digital Age” panel, along with Garrett Gerst, Marc Collings, Irina Kem and Denver local Bonnie Yatkeman. It was an informative panel discussion with lively participation surrounding digital marketing campaigns.

The inherent nature of traditional marketing efforts, like brochures and printed advertisements, makes them hard to track. In contrast, it is much easier to gather insights from digital marketing, such as social media and e-mail. Thus, the challenge for many companies is garnering data surrounding offline strategy.

"It was great to discuss how software tools, such as GoSpotCheck, can help collect offline marketing metrics in the same way companies gather data surrounding digital marketing efforts," Annie said.

The implementation of software is a big trend within the facility management industry. Many enterprise-sized and small facility service providers are looking for software solutions. Similarly, manufacturers and distributors are searching for the best ways to take advantage of mobile technology.

"The GoSpotCheck platform sparked excitement in the eyes of many sales and operations leaders while at ISSA," Annie added. "This type of reception reinforces the notion that mobile data collection can definitely help increase efficiencies throughout the facility maintenance industry."

Thanks for the insightful questions. We are looking forward to the 2016 ISSA Show!

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