Pop-up shops have become an established retail execution phenomenon put into use by a great range of companies—

from ecommerce merchants to brands with bricks and mortar stores across the country. This flash-retailing trend is a proven and viable sales strategy, unlocking terrific ways to generate buzz and strengthen relationships with customers offline, a channel where more than 95% of purchases are still completed.

Pop-up shops present fun and creative merchandising opportunities. Some of the most successful pop-ups have taken place in unconventional spaces and created interactive experiences for consumers to engage with branded products and services in different ways than they might otherwise do so in store.
provided runners with free massages, snacks, drinks, and the chance to test-run new Nike shoes.

It might seem like you’re comparing apples and oranges with regard to field data collection from pop-up shops and traditional retail channels. However, collecting retail data from the pop-up shop environment is just as important as it is in permanent retail locations. In fact, you can often gather illuminating insights about franchise operations and in-store merchandising efforts within the pop-up shop environment because you can test drive pilot campaigns and compare effectiveness to current in-store approaches.

The bottom-line is that pop-up shops provide a new, rich opportunity to measure effectiveness of new merchandising strategies, and they offer a great point of comparison for in-store operations. Thus, field teams should approach pop-up shop data collection and management with the same rigor that they apply to store level data.

Consider leveraging the strengths of GoSpotCheck if you’re considering pop-up shop opportunities. GoSpotCheck’s dynamic and flexible platform will allow you to easily collect new data, compare and contrast it to existing in-store merchandising effectiveness, and make well-informed operational decisions after your foray into pop-up shops is over. With GoSpotCheck, a pop-up shop becomes more than a smart marketing splash; it becomes a rich repository of data waiting to be unlocked.

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