GoSpotCheck is a solution. GoSpotCheck helps businesses find bottlenecks, eliminate problems and highlight working strategy. Our platform is designed to enable hard-working field teams by collecting data that matters and sharing insights that directly reflect business at any given moment. Customized alerts, GPS integration and geo-tags add information to pictures and reports that aggregate inside an online dashboard. Surveys, designed as Missions, allow companies to gather store-level information with the click of a button. However, GoSpotCheck is not a “big brother” tool. GoSpotCheck helps field reps save time by automatically adding data points surrounding date, time and location. But, we recognize and understand the importance of privacy. The application saves the most minimal amount of data while still effectively cataloging the extensive effort field teams exercise each day. GoSpotCheck logs GPS coordinates at three times: when Missions are started, submitted and when places are refreshed. The latter is to show the list of places in order of proximity. Features within our software help field teams showcase the effort and time dedicated to merchandising, optimizing displays and retail execution. Live photos and real-time submission enable in-store personnel to showcase great work.

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