Denver Startup Week is almost here!

On Monday, September 25th, Denver Startup Week (DSW) kicks off. DSW celebrates the local startup community by organizing activities, events, and other programs. The week includes panels, discussions, and the annual Startup Crawl on Tuesday, September 26th. During the Startup Crawl, come see the new GoSpotCheck office at 1500 Market St. between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Click here for the full Denver Startup Week Schedule.

The following panels include—or will be run by—members of the GoSpotCheck team!

Monday, Sept. 25

Who: Matt Talbot

What: “Denver Founders – All you do is WIN?!”

When: Monday, 9/25 @ 4-6pm

Where: Jackson’s Denver – 520 20th St.

Tuesday, Sept. 26

Who: Brandon McLaughlin

What: “Mastering Customer Segmentation”

When: Tuesday, 9/26 @ 12:00-1:30pm

Where: Galvanize, Golden Triangle – 1062 Delaware St.

Who: Jeff Wrona

What: “The Sale after the Sale: How Enterprise SaaS startups can keep winning with an intelligent onboarding and implementation process”

When: Tuesday, 9/26 @ 12:00-1:30

Where: Turing – 1331 17th St., Lower Level – 100

Who: Taylor Linnell

What: “Vision Technology and the Death of Data Entry”

When: Tuesday, 9/26 @ 2-4pm

Where: Denver Place – 999 18th Street

*Tuesday evening is the Startup Crawl. From 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. come pick up your t-shirt, meet the team, and see our new office at 1500 Market Street.

Wednesday, Sept. 27

Who: Matt Talbot

What: “Getting Ready for Your Capital Raise”

When: Wednesday, 9/27 @ 8-9am

Where: CSU Denver – 475 17th St., Ste 200

Who: Jess Sherlock

What: “Learning to Launch: How to Start Your Career in Product Management”

When: Wednesday, 9/27 @ 10-12pm

Where: Jake Jabs Center at CU – 1475 Lawrence

Who: Matt Talbot

What: “Meet the 2017 Denver Gazelles”

When: Wednesday, 9/27 @ 1-2pm

Where: Basecamp – 1245 Champa

Thursday, Sept. 28

Who: Brennan Gilbert and Jess Sherlock

What: “Designing the Vision: Why Design Matters from Day 1”

When: Thursday, 9/28 @ 8-10am

Where: GoSpotCheck – 1500 Market

And, the update you’ve all been waiting for! Our much-loved and highly-anticipated t-shirts will be available during the DSW Startup Crawl from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m at the GoSpotCheck office—1500 Market Street!

The design features iconic parts of Denver and Colorado, as well as several GoSpotCheck-specific references suggested by employees. This is GSC’s 4th year supporting DSW and with recent expansion both internally and externally, as well as our brand new office, we felt some updates in style were in order. While still keeping with the general theme of years prior, this year’s design is a fresh look on an old favorite. Shirts come in 2 colorways (coral on ice blue and teal on navy), sizing is unisex, and we can’t wait for you to see them!

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