Matt Talbot, GoSpotCheck CEO and Co-Founder, presented a webinar earlier today on the importance of empowered field teams.

Here are the key takeaways:

A big investment can make a huge impact.

Field teams are the first to visit accounts, collect in-store data and report findings back to other departments. Software with simple functionality and design will make integration seamless.

Collaboration is the first step to field team empowerment.

Field teams are one piece of a giant puzzle. Interdepartmental collaboration is transformative for business. All departments should be able to utilize the benefits – and thus see the value – of a mobile data collection tool.

Real-time data is imperative to a growing business.

With accurate and sound data, field teams can impact sales and revenue by providing information to correct rogue strategy. Furthermore, competitive intelligence is beneficial to marketing, business plans and product development.

Reporting makes collected data digestible.

Thousands of data points aggregated correctly and quickly give companies flexible, real-time data from the marketplace. Excel spreadsheets are cumbersome and overwhelming – your data doesn’t have to be.

Field teams need to think like brand ambassadors.

Accurate brand representation is important for all employees who are active in the marketplace. Brand recognition can be positively affected by field teams that exemplify company ideals.

Real-time data demonstrates opportunity and drives the right conversation between retailers and brands. Furthermore, directed conversation with partners can be the catalyst for improved engagement, and enhanced execution in store.

Click here to see the webinar recording.

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