Real-time data collection is fundamental to the facility management industry.

The right enterprise software gives companies the ability to track project management—like floor projects, painting, remodels and more.

Within the cleaning industry, mobile data collection can be used for a job as specific as a floor strip and re-coating. Real-time data gives the customer information about chemicals and equipment used, timelines and proof that the work was completed and meets expectations.

When completing a walkthrough of a potential new customer’s facility, a mobile data collection tool can track square feet, flooring type, take pictures of restrooms and document other important details related to the bid.

Another benefit to mobile data collection tools is the ability to link inspection scores to industry standards. Facility management within the educational system can use reporting to ensure compliance with APPA guidelines. The right platform can also help give the property manager documentation of both work in-progress and finished projects.

SaaS companies help track janitorial services, housekeeping, grounds work, landscaping and general maintenance. One of GoSpotCheck’s facility management customers uses our survey tool to connect inspections with employee education, providing management the ability to track deficits in training.

For facility management companies, sharing information with clients and customers is of paramount importance. In-depth documentation of daily work and project work will drastically increase the value of a facility management company to its client. Similarly, customer retention will increase from the benefits of real-time reporting, which can be used to instantly convey your team’s performance.

Furthermore, picture-taking capabilities help verify data by providing a real-time view of a customer’s facility. An aggregation of collected data into quarterly, bi-annual or annual reports can be presented at customer meetings for concrete evidence of a job well done!

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