At GoSpotCheck, we are frequently asked, “How would I use your product for X?”

Today, we give a short example of how to use GoSpotCheck as a multi-unit, quick service restaurant (QSR).

One of our customers, a top 15 QSR chain, has field reps in every major market. These reps visit cafes daily to check up on various points of execution, namely the roll-out of new menu items.

Prior to using GoSpotCheck, the main issues for this QSR could be summarized in two points:

1) Inconsistent Reporting: A combination of Google surveys, emails, texts, and handwritten notes made it all but impossible for this QSR to analyze data across inconsistent sources.

2) Inefficient Use of Time: Assembling field reporting into a useful format and sharing the insights across the entire team took way too much time, for both the field reps and managers.

After using GoSpotCheck for 6 months, managers are now able to structure field reporting and react to real time information.  In time savings alone, this QSR is realizing a 7,000% ROI on their investment in GoSpotCheck… Not too shabby.

For more information on using GoSpotCheck for your business, shoot an email to today!  We’re happy to help 🙂

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