The craft movement, which has experienced explosive growth in recent years, continues to boom.

Brewbound is an organization dedicated to the trends and changes of the ever-evolving craft beer industry. The Brewbound website has news, job openings, and a marketplace with equipment, services and more.

Brewbound also holds two types of events for the craft beer industry: conferences called Brewbound Sessions and Brew Talks – educational networking events with panelists from all sectors of the craft movement.

Members of the GoSpotCheck team attended the recent Brew Talks in Colorado with the hope to learn more about the craft industry and understand heavily debated topics, including recent mergers, pay-to-play, and the new laws Colorado is toying with – like allowing chain stores to sell spirits and liquor.

As discussed at Brew Talks, craft breweries often work to build a community and unite – rather than compete with each other, despite a heavily competitive industry.

Challenges within the beverage alcohol industry were also mentioned, especially regarding the large number of moving parts. Suppliers and distributors are two of the largest – and most important – components of the beverage alcohol world. Regardless of size, breweries and large conglomerates alike must ensure that distribution is happening according to plan. Wholesalers – that often have an entirely different set of goals – also need to be in line with brand objectives.

Largely, craft breweries need to make sure execution goals are being reached and data is collected surrounding that execution. Similarly, breweries need a method to measure the impact made in the community.

Voracious demand for craft beer has reached new heights within Colorado. In fact, Denver leads the nation in craft beer sales per capita.

Craft beers, as a category, have become incredibly meaningful to the beverage alcohol industry as a whole.

The explosive volume of news surrounding beer is a testament to how widespread and influential the world of craft beer truly is. Upcoming Brew Talks will take place in Philadelphia, Asheville, and Chicago over the next few months.

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