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Cheers to On-Premise Data!

Apr 26, 2016 in Alcohol Beverage, Startups

Alcohol industry leaders worldwide leverage GoSpotCheck to collect and distribute real-time data from on-premise accounts. Actionable insights surrounding back bar, menu placement, and competitive intel are vital to gain marketplace visibility.

The GoSpotCheck survey design is simple, user-friendly, and customizable. Sharing information about POS execution, tap share, and more is easy with streamlined reports tailored to your business. GoSpotCheck works to empower the beverage alcohol industry with features including photo capture, instant deployment, and offline capabilities.

Read more inside our guide “Mastering On-Premise Execution with GoSpotCheck” with insights from SweetWater Brewing Co., Beam Suntory, and Delicato Family Vineyards.


Written by GoSpotCheck

GoSpotCheck is a Software as a Service company that enables brands to streamline their sales and merchandising team’s surveys, audits and reports through mobile data collection. Companies can arm their teams with GoSpotCheck’s mobile app to get real-time information about merchandising, product line performance and competitive research. By structuring data collection and instantly aggregating data, companies can quickly identify issues, spot trends and take action to improve their business.