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Anheuser-Busch Distributor Directs and Verifies Execution with GoSpotCheck

Mar 10, 2016 in Alcohol Beverage, Interview Series

North Florida Sales (NFS) is a beverage alcohol distributor based out of the Sunshine State. As a local sales and service leader distributing Anheuser-Busch products and other brands, they rely heavily on outside salespeople to execute tasks at the account level. NFS Sales Execution Coordinator, Jeff Bird, took some time to tell us how they are using GoSpotCheck to empower their salespeople to track retail execution at all of their accounts, providing actionable insights back to the home office.

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What process did you use before GoSpotCheck?

Before GoSpotCheck, we would have to physically inspect accounts to verify execution, which was reported by the honor system. This was less than optimal because it took hours of research to track and verify.

Can you tell us a little about how North Florida Sales uses GoSpotCheck?

 North Florida Sales has over 35 salespeople – calling on more than 2,500 accounts – and a territory that extends over eleven counties.

Currently, we utilize GoSpotCheck to direct and verify execution of specific account tasks. We run multiple contests throughout the year – many of which are on a pay for performance basis. In this way, we examine pay per display of products within each account or collect data surrounding certain point of connection placements.

What are your favorite features of the application or dashboard?

Before GoSpotCheck, it was impossible to physically inspect what was expected. With the simplicity of the GoSpotCheck reporting, we can run a report and verify all execution within a few minutes.

Can you quantify any time or financial savings that correlate directly to GoSpotCheck?

Direct financial impact on our business is difficult to measure but, without any uncertainty, after the implementation of GoSpotCheck our execution levels improved immensely. We use GoSpotCheck Missions to track execution of incentives and also have daily and weekly objectives tracked across all channels and accounts. Previously, we would provide instructions for what we needed done at the store level – now, we can see that our instructions have been carried out.

What types of insights are you getting as an admin?

Everything comes down to execution and getting the job done. The greatest benefit this company and its employees have enjoyed from using GoSpotCheck is accountability. We can clearly provide instructions for each salesperson, hold everyone accountable, and commend them based on their performance.

What would you tell another company about GoSpotCheck?

We would all love to hire the perfect employees that perform as expected at all times but unfortunately that is impossible. There are multiple things that can be distracting to a salesperson while in the field. There is so much they have to keep up with and get done, they may misunderstand directions, forget something or have a host of other things deter them from getting work accomplished. With the help of GoSpotCheck Missions, we can clearly and decisively instruct each salesperson exactly what needs to be done at each account, and they are able to use their smartphones and tablets to record task completion and even submit pictures for verification.


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