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World-Renowned Watch Company Dials Into Data to Increase Brand Consistency and Retail Execution

Mar 4, 2016 in Interview Series, Mobile, Retail

Citizen Watch Company is recognized as a global leader in advanced timekeeping technology. Citizen has remained at the forefront of watch technology since introducing its first Eco-Drive watch four decades ago. Today, they continue to drive innovation by introducing radio-controlled atomic timekeeping and satellite wave technologies to the market. Outside of advanced luxury timepieces, Citizen has embraced technology by partnering with companies like GoSpotCheck. Citizen Vice President of Sales Administration, Heidi Gerritt, took some time to tell us more about how they utilize GoSpotCheck technology.

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Can you tell us a little bit about Citizen and how you are using GoSpotCheck?

Citizen is the No. 1 mid-price luxury watch company in the United States. Our focus right now is being best in class. GoSpotCheck is able to give us the information we need and more visibility into what’s going on in the marketplace.

What process did GoSpotCheck help your company improve?

We sell to numerous and various point of sale locations and it’s important to see our new collections inside each planogram. Before using GoSpotCheck, we were unable to get a really good snapshot of each location. If we wanted to see what a store in Oklahoma looked like—it was a labor intensive task. GoSpotCheck gives us more insight into what is working on those planograms. In the office, you think it works. But in the real world, it might not work. Using GoSpotCheck, we are able to get data in concise form, analyze it, see the parameters and focus on the problems that need to be addressed.

How has GoSpotCheck helped Citizen?

The accountability has been key for us. GoSpotCheck has shown us what does and doesn’t work, and also what people are using so we can effectively plan our next steps. Based on the information we’re collecting from GoSpotCheck, we can continuously improve display standards. With GoSpotCheck, our data is more uniform and we are able to see it on a global, or U.S. basis, which has helped us tremendously. It’s given us some guidance as to where we want to go in the future and dramatically increased brand consistency at point of sale.

What’s your favorite aspect of GoSpotCheck and why?

Our favorite parts of GoSpotCheck are the ease of use, that it’s user-friendly and the ability we have to access our data from anywhere in real time. It’s not taking up space on our server, we don’t have to print anything, and anybody can get to it. It’s very easy to build missions and really pinpoint what you want. It’s also been easy to train people.

What process did you use before GoSpotCheck?

Our employees followed a process of signing onto the internet, beginning a task, taking photos, uploading photos to their computer and emailing them. We would then have to print them all and put them in a file. Nobody had visibility—now we have visibility at all times, for anybody to see anything. Before, the process was clumsy and very slow. We’ve also saved a lot of paper since using GoSpotCheck!

Can you quantify any time or financial savings that correlate directly with GoSpotCheck?

GoSpotCheck has saved us time across every aspect of the company where we utilize the technology. We’ve saved time within administration and our sales force, down to the area service representatives and to management. We have also reduced cost versus the old manual process. We are now able to see problems with display issues that we can address with the display vendors as quality assurance problems, like damaged displays, that we weren’t able to capture before.

Can you describe your experience working with the GoSpotCheck team?

Of all the vendors we’ve worked with, and we’ve worked with a lot of vendors in outside companies—I think GoSpotCheck’s response and follow-up from the whole team has been outstanding and the best we’ve seen.

What would you tell another company about us?

It is a great tool and has been extremely helpful.


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