The Boulder Thesis Applied: Galvanize

Nov 6, 2012 in Startups

Recently, we moved from our startup garage in Wash Park to our new and improved spot at Galvanize in Denver (BTW, if you like our old spot and want to check it out, get in touch with PivotDesk).  We are pumped about the move, for several reasons… but especially because we now have room to grow (and, yes, GoSpotCheck is hiring).

Galvanize has received tons of local acclaim and press since it opened, because the folks that work here have an audacious goal: to “create an ‘innovation ecosystem’ designed to give entrepreneurs and innovators the best chance of success at the start of their next (or first) big thing.”

Recently, these types of communities have popped up all over the country.  Tech mentors like Brad Feld have been adamant about developing startup communities and preach the advantages of having a tightly knit, condensed group of startups.

From our perspective, Galvanize meets the four keys to Feld’s “Boulder Thesis” (see above) in the following ways:

  • Entrepreneur Led: If we just mentioned one name, we’d only really have to mention Galvanize co-founder Jim Deters (mentor at Unreasonable Institute, creator of the i4c campaign, etc.)… but Galvanize brought in an amazing supporting cast of honorary community members.
  • 20 Year View: The idea around Galvanize is that companies can startup and grow in this space, until they outgrow it (lets hope we’re all as successful as SendGrid someday).  But the space is setup to easily transition.  All you need is your computer, because Galvanize provides everything else you would need.
  • Inclusive: With public space, co-working space, meeting rooms, and suites, Galvanize has lots of space to work… and ANYONE is invited to join.  They don’t hide it either.  Galvanize has setup a gSchool and a Gather cafe to help encourage outside visitors.
  • Engaging: Galvanize was a big participant in Denver Startup Week, hosting events for the masses.  More importantly though, Galvanize engages the community through various meetups and events on an ongoing basis, providing for increased collaborative opportunities.

Here at GoSpotCheck, we look forward to watching Galvanize grow and transform.  We’d be remise not to mention some of our cohort here, so a big shout out to SupportLocal, Active Junky, Forkly, Knoll, Manta, Ninety Plus, Rentbits, Roximity, Uber, and more!