Telecommunications Resellers + GoSpotCheck

See how Telecommunications Resellers can leverage GoSpotCheck to collect real-time photos and data to ensure proper merchandising, marketing execution, and retail compliance.

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How Telecommunications Resellers Can Use GoSpotCheck

GoSpotCheck can optimize how Telecommunications Resellers track merchandising execution and retail compliance with our mobile app. All mobile data is sent instantly to your comany's reporting dashboard within GoSpotCheck, so corporate has real-time insights.

Accessory Out-Of-Stocks

Telecommunications Resellers can collect real-time data to reduce out-of-stocks and ensure proper merchandising.

In-Store Customer Experience

Monitor retail customer experience metrics in real-time ranging from time to complete a sale, to overall in-store experience.

Marketing Execution & Compliance

Telecommunications Resellers can collect structured data to ensure merchandising execution is compliant with corporate brand standards in 3rd party retail locations.

3.1 Are any accessory products out-of stock?
3.2 Select all accessory products that are out-of-stock. view_list
  • A Phone Case 34.91%
  • B Charger 27.67%
  • C Screen Cover 17.61%
  • D Battery Pack 19.81%
3.3 Was there a line of people ahead of you? view_list
3.4 How long did it take to complete your sale? equalizer
  • Sum 5660
  • Average 17.7
  • Low 2
  • High 26
3.5 Is the Winter promotional signage up? equalizer
3.6 Are products clean and functioning? equalizer

Features That Can Benefit Telecommunications Resellers

See how Telecommunications Resellers can increase visibility into retail compliance by location, improve retail execution, and track merchandising efforts.

Mobile Data Collection

Turn time-consuming surveys and audits into instant, actionable information.

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Photo Capture and Analytics

Get a glimpse into the market. Capture photos to provide powerful context.

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Alerts & Follow Ups

Take meaningful action immediately. Improve your field execution with automated updates & follow up actions.

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The overall procedure in-store is much more streamlined. GoSpotCheck has given Crocs an easier way to understand and optimize execution. Samantha Rice, Director of Retail Operations Read Case Study »

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