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How to Get the Most out of Your Holiday Displays

The holidays are a great opportunity to increase retail sales. However, many companies face incredible pressure to enhance execution during the holiday seasons, particularly in Q4. Hence, there is little margin for error.

Businesses Need Capable Field Execution Software

Optimizing a holiday campaign is difficult. Many moving pieces go into the planning and construction of a display including shelf placement, product packaging, and promotional materials. Field reps are constantly on the move between hectic, customer-packed locations, and there's a lot of risk for small things to go wrong and snowball into big problems.

It's clear that businesses need capable field execution software. Having the tools to ensure the details and specifics of a display in combination with overall strategy make goals all the more attainable.

Here's how your company can make the most out of the holiday season:

High Demand During the Holidays

Brands can't depend on customer demand alone to support holiday campaigns. An optimized display, in combination with other marketing tactics, is absolutely vital to reach desired sales numbers.

For many brands, the large number of shoppers requires extra attention to detail and overall execution. The expected jump in sales is what makes the holidays such a valuable time for brands, especially in physical stores which still see the overwhelming share of consumer activity.

Consumer packaged goods are bought as gifts, but even when customers are in the store for a specific higher-end item, they're still very likely to pick up an assortment of other products.

The Importance of Having a Holiday Display

Well-executed product displays are integral to holiday campaigns because of how consumers shop and behave in-store.


of in-Store Purchases are Unplanned

As such, brands should take extra pains to target spontaneous shoppers.


of Time-Stressed Shoppers Make Unplanned Purchases

Includes those rushing for presents, turkeys, or anything in between.

With the right kind of display (either in the aisle or in the checkout line), most brands increase their opportunity to convert shoppers who are ready to buy.

However, to work up to the actual purchase, brands must verify displays and perfect every aspect of the related merchandising.

Optimizing a Display

Consumer goods displays, like the displays for many other industries, need to be prepped correctly and set up according to given instructions. Extra attention to detail, including a seasonal aesthetic that attracts customers, furthers the chances that shoppers will purchase products based on your display execution.

Quick tips for optimizing a display include ensuring:

Accurate Pricing

If a holiday sale is listed, prices need to reflect the correct promotion.

Retailer Compliance

Each store has its own standards, thus mandating that each display conforms.

Prompt Takedown

Reps can't lag in taking displays down; once the holiday is over, so is the display.

No Out-of-Stocks

Out-of-stock products are extremely damaging to successful holidays; if the right products aren't on the shelf, they can't sell.

Promotions Are Always in Season

A big part of any holiday drive is discount pricing. For some brands (and consumers) holidays are essentially synonymous with sales (ex. Black Friday). Consumer goods companies often distribute coupons throughout the holiday season and run larger discounts when the holiday itself has ended (ex. Halloween candy on Nov. 1)

Avoid Shifting Prices

Constantly shifting prices present some continuity challenges for reps. Brands risk damage to their reputations and retailer blowback if, for example, a customer is frustrated that a coupon says one price and the register another.

Empower Teams

In order to avoid messy situations involving pricing and sales, brands need tools that empower field teams to guarantee displays have the right prices for the designated items at the specific times.

Companies Need Real-Time Data for the Holidays

In order for holiday campaigns to go off without a hitch, field teams need field execution tools that allow them to monitor, track, and optimize products and displays. Brands only stand to succeed when reps have mobile solutions to secure and verify correct execution.

GoSpotCheck helps consumer goods businesses by offering a fully capable platform for use in the field to fine-tune displays.

Some of the features that reps can deploy using GoSpotCheck include:

Mobile Data Collection

Capturing data on-the-go is crucial to effectively and efficiently track holiday campaigns.

Photo Capture

Gathering competitive intel is a snap with photos from the field.

Field Team Management

Distributing assignments is simple with team management capabilities like customized workflows.

Didn't Hit Goals? Use the Data for Next Quarter or Holiday Season

Even with highly optimized displays, sometimes holiday campaigns don't reach target numbers. However, a prime benefit of implementing field execution software is having clean data to use when devising your next holiday campaign.

The simplicity of data collection and organization via GoSpotCheck can inform decision-making for Christmas and Thanksgiving a year later, or even a minor holiday in the next seasonal cycle.

Trends change with consumer behaviors and a shift in demographics, so utilizing tools to help keep pace is critical. Constructing future campaigns with data-driven strategy is made possible with accurate, well-kept reporting.

Holidays can be make-or-break periods for consumer goods companies. The high level of foot traffic, demand, and impulse buying create a ripe environment for sales, but only if your strategy is well-thought-out and your display is optimized.

Don't leave it to chance: equip your field team with the mobile tools necessary to ensure holiday campaigns are set up to succeed.

With GoSpotCheck, reps can double-check every aspect of the display, from pricing to compliance—and utilize a number of features that allow them to capture quality data.

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