Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Quickly resolve issues and take advantage of opportunities with alerts and follow-ups. Customize alerts to ensure corrective action, and use mobile notifications for synchronized communication.

Get Notified Right Away

Create alerts to follow a task response that matches important filter criteria, such as out-of-stocks, damaged products, and other critical issues. Alerts are sent to specific users via email and are also displayed in the alerts page for further review.

Drive Immediate Action

Request follow-up actions through assigned tasks or emails when additional effort must be taken to resolve an issue in the field. Follow-up actions can be directed to third-party applications via a flexible API. Confirm resolution with automated recap emails detailing the required follow-ups.

Mobile-First Communication

Alert teams when a Mission is started, stopped, or ending soon with mobile notifications. Include a custom message to provide additional, time-sensitive information. Increase efficiency through mobile notifications by minimizing the time it takes to send messages regarding key initiatives.

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