Data Analytics Made Easy

Examine carefully-curated data through real-time dashboards, Photo Album, and customizable reporting. Replace daunting data sets with digestible visualizations for visibility into current performance.

Drill Down Into the Details

GoSpotCheck’s out-of-the-box reporting dashboard provides a real-time view of photos, graphs, and aggregated data. Structure reports at a team level or that of a specific individual to examine productivity and efficiency. Filter data sets to drastically reduce reporting cycles and react quickly to market changes. Export and share reports with internal or external partners to monitor investments in real time.

See It to Believe It

Accurately capture the state of any environment with photo tasks. Photo Album, GoSpotCheck’s image analytics tool, displays collected photos with supporting data. Organize photos by location, associated task, or other important criteria for powerful context into field activity. Set alerts for notifications when specific images are submitted, and share photos with relevant parties to identify opportunities for improved execution.

Get Deeper Insights

GoSpotCheck’s advanced reporting capabilities extend beyond the dashboard and offer an extensive level of customization. Aggregate data from multiple Missions into a table format for expedited analysis. Apply complex business rules to data sets for a holistic view of sales data, depletion data, and more. Expertly monitor initiatives and analyze trends over time by integrating external data sources.

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