Built for Field Efficiency

Prompt action by distributing tasks and forms to relevant teams. Drive task completion with painless data entry and real-time mobile reporting.

Replace Time-Consuming Surveys

Missions — the GoSpotCheck term for audits and surveys — connect people, places, and tasks. Create Missions with a variety of task types, conditional logic, and sections in an unlimited number of configurations. Timestamps and geotags on each completed Mission ensure accountability and strengthen visibility into field activity. The GoSpotCheck mobile apps also work offline to enable Mission completion in areas with poor Wi-Fi or spotty cellular service.

The Right Info For the Right People

Quickly and easily assign Missions to specific people and teams. Streamline communication by attaching instructions, planograms, and other reference material to individual tasks. Further alignment by deploying mobile notifications which minimize the time it takes to receive updates regarding key initiatives.

Reports On-the-Go

Review data, reports, or other content at any location through My Dashboard — GoSpotCheck’s mobile reporting suite. Access real-time custom reports in My Dashboard for a clear view of performance at a store, account, or any location. Use My Dashboard to leverage sales data, track critical KPIs, add context to Missions, and deliver instant feedback.

It’s All About the Location

Create and manage a list of places specifically related to task completion. View places in the GoSpotCheck mobile app based on customer-defined properties, such as location, account type, priority, and more. Filtering places adds convenience and provides additional customization to meet unique business needs.

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