Masterfully Manage Data

Organize people and places in the GoSpotCheck solution to match existing processes. Control the flow of critical data with enterprise-level integrations and security.

Organize People and Teams

Create a team by grouping people that share common characteristics such as location, job function, or any other criteria. Add an unlimited number of users to each team, and view data organized by team or single user. Manage users and teams by uploading a CSV file or utilizing the API to make bulk changes. Custom roles and permissions display data to a designated audience and modify functionality available to individual users.

Mission-Critical Location Details

Manage account information by adding, removing, and editing places on-the-go or with bulk CSV uploads. Filter the list of places visible in the GoSpotCheck mobile app to find specific accounts in seconds, and get in-app directions to a location via Google Maps or Apple Maps. Check place history to see previous activity at individual locations for a real-time view of performance.

Integrate With No Trouble

Integrate GoSpotCheck with existing systems, including CRMs, third-party data sources, ordering applications, and more. Customize integrations with a flexible API to ensure system synchronization satisfies specific business requirements.

Use deep linking to send a user directly to a specific place in the GoSpotCheck mobile application from a third-party or source application. Salesforce customers can manage GoSpotCheck place and user information from the Salesforce platform with the Salesforce Synchronization Application.

Simplification at its Best

Implement GoSpotCheck’s SSO feature to integrate GoSpotCheck with a company’s existing user directory service by working with Active Directory. SSO syncs with a company’s directory to manage user properties including name, email, roles, permissions, and other important characteristics. Regular syncing streamlines the flow of information from one system to another.

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