HiFi Image Recognition

World, meet HiFi.

HiFi is a revolutionary tool that saves exponential labor, improves set profitability, and ensures data accuracy through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Currently in Beta and slated for release in Winter 2019.

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, HiFi tags, identifies, and analyzes photos taken by field teams on mobile devices and delivers crucial field intel with supreme speed and accuracy.

HiFi accelerates delivery of actionable data to decision makers, speeds resolution timelines, and frees field teams to focus on high-value activities to grow the business.

Ensure Accuracy

HiFi quickly processes images from coolers and provides asset detection, product identification, and category segmentation.

Save Labor

With HiFi’s easy-to-use mobile app, brands maximize the amount of time their mobile workforce spends collecting data and frees them to focus on activities that drive sales.

Improve Profitability

HiFi’s mobile application is accompanied by a robust reporting dashboard that provides full-field visibility to leadership teams and enables strategic and nimble adjustments.

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