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See how your sales leaders can leverage GoSpotCheck to drive new business through real-time intelligence about field inventory and clinical evaluations of your products.

How Your Company Can Use GoSpotCheck

GoSpotCheck can help your company gain real-time intelligence on clinical experiences during product evaluations. The automatic reporting provides your sales teams with device-level and physician-level insights they can share with supply chain decision makers. By leveraging GoSpotCheck, your team will be able to understand and identify trends in device performance and physician satisfaction across surgical specialties, health systems, and regions.

Overall Product Performance

Monitor your competitors, gain summary views of market trends, and direct resources where they are needed most.

Competitive Intel

Solicit and aggregate pre-clinical evaluation feedback from physicians to drive new business.

Field Inventory Tracking

Monitor inventory levels efficiently and easily communicate product shipment needs.

3.1 What is the surgeon's specialty? view_list
  • A Bariatric 20.59%
  • B ENT 38.24%
  • C Urology 35.29%
  • D Cardiothoracic 5.88%
3.2 Is surgeon supportive of converting to new product(s)? view_list
3.3 What is the current competitive product being used? format_quote
  • Competitor A - product X Cory Knopp
3.4 Note the physician's assessment of overall performance of the device. view_list
  • A Much better 46.25%
  • B Better 36.67%
  • C Worse 12.50%
  • D Much worse 4.58%
3.5 Are there any unused items to be returned to active inventory? view_list
3.6 Select the destination for overstock/excessive inventory. format_quote
  • Trunk stock Cory Knopp

Features That Can Benefit Your Company

GoSpotCheck’s powerful features help you easily monitor device performance and identify trends by physician, location, or device.

Mobile Data Collection

Turn time-consuming surveys and audits into instant, actionable information.


Streamlined charts and graphs provide a bird’s-eye view of your business and allow you to drill down into the details.

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API/Integration Ready

Designed to play well with others. A flexible API makes for a flexible business.

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Our customers are such data driven organizations that the success of our conversions literally ride on this tool. Regional Manager, Major Healthcare Systems, Top 5 Global Medical Device Company

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