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While Monster knows what products are selling, GoSpotCheck gives you visibility into why.

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How Monster Energy Can Use GoSpotCheck

GoSpotCheck can help Monster Energy get instant visibility (including photos) into what's happening at retail right now, track competitors, and hold your reps accountable for their assigned visits/activities.

Retail Execution

Get real-time visibility into how your products are displayed at retail and make certain brand standards are followed.

Track Competitors

Keep an eye on new products and promotional pricing strategies.

Rep Accountability

Direct your reps to the right locations yielding the best value for their time.

3.1 Is seasonal display set up?
3.2 Take a picture of the energy drink section. photo_camera
3.3 List the Promo Price of Red Bull. photo_camera Choose all that apply.
  • Average $2.00
  • Low $2.59
  • High $3.99
3.4 Take a picture of Monster on the shelf (be sure to capture nearby competitors). photo_camera
3.5 Did you gain facings or sell in a display? photo_camera For added context, please be sure to capture nearby shelf and aisle space in your photos.
3.6 Number of facings gained of Lo-carb Monster Energy: format_quote
  • 4 facings gained Dylan

Features That Can Benefit Monster Energy

GoSpotCheck’s powerful features help you effectively monitor execution to drive accountability and sales.

Mobile Data Collection

Turn time-consuming surveys and audits into instant, actionable information.

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Photo Capture and Analytics

Get a glimpse into the market. Capture photos to provide powerful context.

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Develop a 30,000-foot view of your business with streamlined charts & graphs.

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Our strong focus on goaling ensures that field reps put more cases on the floor. These actions and subsequent changes drive more dollar sales. Megan Monti, Manager of Commercial Strategy Watch the Video »

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