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GoSpotCheck's intuitive, easy-to-use solution helps your company gain insights on complex sales processes to drive your business forward.

How Your Company Can Use GoSpotCheck

GoSpotCheck helps your field reps easily gather feedback during product evaluations. Our automatic reporting allows your company to easily identify trends in device performance and physician satisfaction across surgical specialties and health systems.

Easily Capture Sales Activities

Leave behind the cumbersome tasks of logging activity in a heavy CRM with our easy-to-use mobile app.

Report on Success of New Devices

Quickly aggregate evaluation feedback with automatic reporting and data visualization.

Send Empirical Feedback to Supply Chain Buyers

Bring data and evidence of success to the conversation to support device conversions.

3.1 What is the physician's specialty? view_list
  • A Bariatric 20.59%
  • B ENT 38.24%
  • C Urology 35.29%
  • D Cardiothoracic 5.88%
3.2 Write any notes from this visit. format_quote
  • Dr. Donahue is the founder and CEO of Orthopedic Surgical Associates. She is a splitter and has significant influence regarding which devices are used in the facility. Her support of Medical Device Co. will be critical. She is open to take meetings with reps every other week on Tuesdays when she is in clinic. Matt Vestal
3.3 Did the physician undergo device training? format_quote
3.4 Are they supportive of the product? view_list
  • A Supportive 56.60%
  • B Neutral 28.30%
  • C Unsupportive 15.09%
  • D No answer 0.00%
3.5 Is the physician supportive of converting to new product(s)? view_list
3.6 Note the physician's assessment of overall performance of the device. view_list
  • A Much better 32.05%
  • B Better 57.69%
  • C Worse 6.41%
  • D Much worse 3.85%

Features That Can Benefit Your Company

GoSpotCheck’s powerful features can help your company summarize sales activity and take immediate action to keep deals moving forward.

Mobile Data Collection

Engage your field team with an easy, on-the-go survey tool.


Charts and graphs are created automatically to quickly glean insights into the business.

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Alerts & Follow Ups

Set triggers on pre-defined criteria to help your company take meaningful action immediately.

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Our customers are such data driven organizations that the success of our conversions literally ride on this tool. Regional Manager, Major Healthcare Systems, Top 5 Global Medical Device Company

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