Powerful Store-Level Operational Intelligence

GoSpotCheck enables the world’s leading retailers to improve in-store operations, track category resets, and create alignment between stores.

Take a Virtual Store Ride-Along

Instead of waiting weeks for manual reporting, ensure the return of timely insights with mobile data entry. Examine reports to quickly analyze planogram execution, inventory turnover, and employee performance.

The overall procedure in-store is much more streamlined. GoSpotCheck has given Crocs an easier way to understand and optimize execution. Samantha Rice, Director of Retail Operations Get the Case Study »

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Plan and Distribute Tasks to the Field

Design surveys and audits in GoSpotCheck’s intuitive form builder. Distribute tasks to the right people for visibility into retail displays, brand marketing materials, and product shelves.

Get Instant Alerts

Create alerts to follow a task response that matches filter criteria, including misalignment with a planogram. Initiate corrective action with custom alerts to immediately resolve issues in the field.

Slice and Dice Execution Results

Monitor key initiatives, identify trends, and track productivity with customizable data sets. Filter reporting to understand performance by region, product, or team.

Sync With Your CRM and Other Systems

Integrate GoSpotCheck with existing systems, including third-party data sources, CRMs, and more. Use deep linking, a flexible API, and SSO to completely control the flow of critical data.

Use Cases

Share comprehensive reporting from any number of locations including information surrounding:

Category Reset Execution

Verify in-store changes including planogram implementation, display installation, and product/fixture relocation.

Store Compliance

Provide structured documentation to confirm that all stores meet directives from corporate and maintain the same level of consistency.

Closed-Loop Feedback

Real-time, detailed reporting circulates merchandising insights to improve communication between brands and retailers.

4.1 Take a photo of the display photo_camera For added context, please be sure to capture nearby shelf and aisle space in your photos.
4.2 Is a safety audit completed monthly and delivered to corporate? thumbs_up_down
4.3 Are emergency exit doors closed and alarms armed and functional? thumbs_up_down
4.4 How much of the original order was sold in the past 30 days? view_list If necessary, confer with the store manager to get accurate records.
  • A Less than 25% 18.18%
  • B Between 25 and 50% 21.21%
  • C Between 50 and 75% 59.10%
  • D More than 75% 1.51%

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