We’re reimagining how top healthcare partners improve patient outcomes.

We’ve helped mobile workers across 6 continents complete 500,000,000 business-building Missions in the field.

Proudly Serving:
  • Healthcare
  • Medical Device
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Surgical Centers
  • Pharmacies

Demonstrate Value

  • Test & measure device performance with physicians & demonstrate value to analyst teams
  • Provide professional reporting for Supply Chain leaders in healthcare systems
  • Drive accountability and ensure service providers are performing to scope
  • Collect real-time field data with live photos of facility & equipment conditions
  • Create filters & set up email alerts to know instantly when something’s wrong
  • Resolve issues faster with one-click email resolution
  • Create reports for multiple audiences quickly & efficiently
  • Analyze location history to track issues, progress & personnel performance

Speed Analysis

  • Have data-driven conversations with supply chain leaders
  • Remove subjectivity from the device selection process
  • Audit & measure procedures & inservices
  • Standardize sales processes & procedures
  • Conduct maintenance checks on equipment
  • Conduct safety audits & inspections
  • Complete safety incident reports
  • Capture facility, equipment & R&M requests
  • Audit supplies, uniforms & laundry
  • Audit loss prevention & theft
  • Track activity & productivity with timestamped and geotagged reporting
  • Upload expectations, directions, or other protocol to each Mission
  • Enable teams to maintain productivity at all times with offline capability
  • Text images from the app to decision-makers
  • Download photo galleries for C-Suite reporting

Influence Outcomes

  • Improve relationships & track notes, contacts, and reminders about physicians with our light in-app CRM
  • Manage supply costs effectively
  • Incentivize & reward a culture of excellence
  • Incentivize & reward sales behaviors
  • Conduct efficient gap analyses
  • Monitor and coach reps by region, location, product, or team
  • Define what exists in-field, at which locations, when, to make better-informed business decisions
  • Sync with Salesforce
  • Monitor conditions & cleanliness
  • Send push notifications to mobile workers & keep important alerts in front of your team
  • Enable easy reporting for busy teams

How It Works

Sam, a medical device sales rep for Socratype, receives an alert she’s been assigned a new survey to complete, called a Mission, from her sales director, Will. When she begins, it’s geotagged and timestamped.


Socratype has issued new devices for juvenile blood analysis and the old models need to be inventoried, removed, replaced, and documented. Sam counts all the devices in her first hospital, replaces them with new devices, takes live photos, and uploads her response. She packages and ships the old devices back to Socratype where they will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. She will repeat this Mission at 6 more hospitals over the next 48 hours.


Will gets an alert that Sam has submitted her first audit. He goes into the GoSpotCheck reporting platform to analyze his findings and provide coaching.


Will receives news that Socratype has been invited to submit an RFP for conversion business to a new device for diabetes analysis for a 20-hospital group. He sends a new Mission to Sam to schedule device testing with physicians over the next 3 weeks. He’ll use the data collected to inform the value analysis team and Chief Supply Chain officer about the patient outcomes and physician feedback on the device.


As Sam completes her Missions, Will quickly pulls reports with CSV and PPT files to document inventory removed and new equipment in-place and sends them to his hospital supply chain partners in each location so they have confirmation of compliance.

Implementation Services

Your dedicated Delivery & Activation Team configures and implements our app with you. We provide user training, Mission set up, report formatting, API integrations, and more.

Customer Success

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager learns your goals, analyzes your Missions, and provides powerful insights to grow your business.

Live Support

We offer live support, 7 days a week, from Denver, CO to ensure your team can always do great work.

API Integration

Our API offers seamless integrations with Salesforce, Tableau, CRMs, ERPs, Inventory Management, Brokerage, HR & Work Order Ticket Systems, IRI, Nielsen, depletion and other syndicated data. We fit seamlessly into your digital ecosystem.

SSO Enabled

We have full Single Sign On (SSO) functionality and robust role & permission features to ensure strong data governance.

Data Encrypted

We provide data encryption in transit and at rest, SCIM provisioning, and are GDPR compliant. Our uptime is 99.9%.

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