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Demonstrate Value

  • Measure device performance with physicians & demonstrate feedback to Value Analysis Teams
  • Decrease supply costs
  • Standardize product & service evaluation processes
  • Audit & measure in-service attendance & product feedback
  • Incentivize & reward a culture of transparency & alignment
  • Enable & reward customer-centric sales best practices
  • Equip reps with a tool that improves opportunity win rates
  • Drive accountability and ensure vendors are meeting product commitments
  • Standardize sales processes & procedures
  • Conduct maintenance checks on equipment
  • Conduct safety audits & inspections
  • Capture new product and service requests
  • Facilitate equipment & R&M requests
  • Audit supplies, facilities, and adherence to operations protocols
  • Audit loss prevention & theft

Speed Analysis

  • Collect real-time data at the point of care during product trials
  • Remove subjectivity from the device selection process
  • Have data-driven conversations with supply chain leaders
  • Conduct efficient gap analyses
  • Create filters & set up email alerts to proactively address concerns with devices under evaluation
  • Create reports for multiple audiences quickly & efficiently
  • Track issues, progress & personnel performance
  • Audit & measure procedures & inservices
  • Simplify data collection & help field teams do their jobs better by delivering missions & specific content  to the appropriate field teams based on location, mission or task
  • Enable teams to maintain productivity at all times with offline capability

Influence Outcomes

  • Leverage advanced analytics for supply chain leaders to make informed decisions
  • Improve relationships & track notes, contacts, and reminders about physicians with our light in-app CRM
  • Monitor and coach reps by region, location, product, or team
  • Quickly gather & share intelligence about new customers
  • Integrate with enterprise platforms like Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft, & more
  • Send push notifications to mobile teams & provide focus for important alerts
  • Show field teams reporting that helps them make better decisions and win more opportunities

How It Works

Sam, a medical device sales rep with Socratype, successfully completed an 18-month strategic sales engagement with Will, a Senior Vice President of Supply Chain with University Health System. The terms of the total inventory agreement are to decrease supply costs by $15 million over 3 years.

Will informed Sam that a full conversion to Socratype’s product line will be contingent on a successful six-week product trial by University Health System surgeons.

Using GoSpotCheck as a conversion management tool, Sam partners with Will’s internal value analysis team to provide in-service trainings and solicit post-case feedback from University Health System surgeons for Socratype’s products.

Sam creates a series of surveys, called Missions, to collect responses from the busy surgeons. After 4 weeks, Socratype and University Health Systems collect 700 responses with an average satisfaction rating of 99%.


After six weeks and collecting almost 1,000 surgeon responses, Sam uses GoSpotCheck dashboards to deliver a comprehensive presentation to the UHS value analysis team showcasing the conversion’s success with their surgeons.

When the group asks about Dr. Stevens, Sam is able to drill down into the data in real-time and show that Dr. Stevens provided rave reviews following her in-service training.


After one challenging procedure, world-renowned cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Cynthia Stevens tells Sam that Socratype’s product felt cumbersome and quadrupled the amount of time required to complete the case. Dr. Stevens stated that she will revert back to using Socratype’s competitor product for all future cases.


Will receives an automated alert that Dr. Stevens is dissatisfied with Socratype. He goes into the GoSpotCheck reporting platform to analyze her feedback. In addition to her post-case responses, Will sees that Dr. Stevens was unable to attend multiple in-service training sessions prior to the Socratype conversion.


Will was able to easily share reports via the GoSpotCheck Insights dashboard with University Health System. Using this data, Will and the value analysis team are able to show Dr. Stevens the positive feedback given to Socratype by her peers, and discuss the challenging case in detail.

Dr. Stevens agrees to schedule an in-service training session and continue evaluating Socratype’s products for the remainder of the conversion.


Now able to make a data-driven decision with the full confidence and support of their surgeon partners, Will and the Supply Chain team are able to finalize the Socratype agreement that includes $15M in guaranteed savings over 3 years.

Socratype wins a multi-million dollar deal and Sam is viewed as a trusted partner because of her alignment with Will and the value analysis team. Ultimately, University Health System patients benefit from a healthcare system that has higher quality and lower cost products.

We are moving, just like the rest of healthcare, to a value-based model, where we get paid in some fashion for actually achieving the outcome. It's a step we have to take to make sure that the value we create with our technologies is truly realized. And when it gets realized, we will get paid fairly for it.”

Implementation Services

Your dedicated Delivery & Activation Team configures and implements our app with you. We provide user training, Mission set up, report formatting, API integrations, and more.

Customer Success

Your Customer Success Manager learns your goals, analyzes your Missions, and provides powerful insights to grow your business.

Live Support

We offer live support, 7 days a week, from Denver, CO to ensure your team can always do great work.

API Integration

Our API offers seamless integrations with Salesforce, Tableau, CRMs, ERPs, Inventory Management, Brokerage, HR & Work Order Ticket Systems, IRI, Nielsen, depletion and other syndicated data. We fit seamlessly into your digital ecosystem.

SSO Enabled

We have full Single Sign On (SSO) functionality and robust role & permission features to ensure strong data governance.

Data Encrypted

We provide data encryption in transit and at rest, SCIM provisioning, and are GDPR compliant. Our uptime is 99.9%.

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